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Wholesale Distribution Software

In the complex world of wholesale distribution today, the goal posts have moved. Fierce competition and offshore suppliers have shrunk onshore margins and have strained resources. To survive, companies need the software tools to help them compete. Foundation 3000 ™ is that kind of tool. Give your staff the tools to grow your business. Our software helps you:

Track container shipments coming from offshore.
Receive inventory and get a true cost of goods by adding freight, pallet charges, brokerage charges and attach those costs to the goods for a true picture of your real cost of goods.
Built-in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) reduces the cost associated with re-entry of orders.
Easy handling of claimbacks and rebates removes complex adjustment headaches.
View your margins on a sales order before making the sale and even restrict “below margin” sales.
Powerful drop-ship capability and multiple ship-to addresses, afford the ability to sell to customers that are large and to comply with their requirements.
Lot tracking with traceability throughout the sales and manufacturing process.
The following Wholesale Distribution information brochures are available for download:

Foundation 3000™ for Janitorial/Sanitation, Paper & Paper Packaging Companies

Jan-San, Paper and Packaging companies have their own set of challenges. Buyer’s Groups, EDI, Claimbacks and Rebates can be the lifeblood for many businesses in this field. Understanding how inventory turns and warehouse management can streamline your picking and deliveries – and affect your bottom line – is crucial to long term profitability.



Foundation 3000™ for Importers

For many companies in distribution, an off-shore strategy ensures survival in competitive times. Tracking goods coming in from off-shore can have it’s headaches. Issues arise, such as multiple-currencies, shipping, brokerage and other charges that need to be collected and attributed to the goods arriving, in order to obtain an accurate cost of the goods for resale. Foundation 3000 does just that.



Foundation 3000™for the Food Industry

Wholesale Food companies are often dealing with large retailers needing substantial features, such as EDI, Claimback and Rebate tracking within the accounting functions and shipment tracking with UPS & FedEx. In general, suppliers need a lot of the tools that the big guys use. Foundation 3000 provides those features and benefits all in one easy to use system. The mandate for traceability in the food industry is becoming a critical requirement and Foundation 3000 helps you to track that throughout the entire manufacturing and sales process.



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