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Fire Reporting, Inspection & Safety Software


Preventative Maintenance

If you regularly perform activities such as for example, Annual Safety inspections, it is important to be reminded when they come due so that they can be acted upon quickly. Foundation 3000`s login alert not only ensures all upcoming services are brought to your attention, but makes it easy to book appointments on the spot or to send emails requesting appointment times. Each piece of Equipment can have multiple Preventative Maintenance schedules.


Drill down into WO History

When customers inquire into past work on equipment, Foundation 3000 allows you to drill down into Service History and view a complete and detailed audit trail of any piece of equipment, even generating past Work Orders and their associated Checklists if necessary. Equipment can be searched by Serial number, Location, Manufacturer, Model or a user-defined characteristic.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Our color-coded scheduler allows you to drag and drop appointments around and quickly identify heavy or light load periods. You can drill down to see or modify Appointment detail or hover your mouse to get a quick summary. Rescheduling or reassignment of tasks can be achieved in one step, and changes are immediately pushed to the field. You can also create new jobs on the fly.

Route Optimization

You can view a map of scheduled appointments for a day and visually rearrange travel routes for optimal route efficiency. As an option Foundation 3000 incorporates the GPS capabilities of the mobile tablet to enable tracking of Service Rep locations for real-time dispatching.



You can create customized Checklists that automate all the steps or checks that need to be taken by a Service Technician when performing a particular service or servicing a particular type of equipment. These can not only take the form of simple tick boxes but can also accommodate Note entry, date entry, drop-down lists of predefined codes or numeric measurements.

Checklists assigned to Work Orders are automatically duplicated on our remote tablet app so that techs can easily fill out these checklists onsite and have your central server updated in real-time! The results of these checklists are then automatically appended to the Work Order ready for printing or emailing. You can go as far back in time as you like to view or generate reports involving checklist data, giving you ultimate visibility on all service work performed.

You can organize your checklists by Category (such as Fire Extinguishers) so that all items in a particular category for a particular customer location are grouped together for easier review.


Work Orders

You can attach multiple pieces of Equipment or multiple checklists to a single Work Order. Each piece of equipment can have a set of instructions automatically generated for it. Since a complete history of each piece of equipment is also viewable from the Mobile tablet app as well as a list of all its unique characteristics, your Technicians will be completely in-the-know about the equipment they are working on.

Contract Tracking

Regularly scheduled services may also be set up as formal contracts between you and your customers. Foundation 3000 will not only provide reminders of maintenance due, but also remind you of contracts that are due for expiry well in time for checking renewals.

Real-time Mobile Connectivity

With our remote tablet Service app, when your service technicians are away from the office they are able to effortlessly record time against selected Work Orders. They’ll also be able to view their upcoming schedules by the week or by the day or look up directions to get to the Customer site. When working on a job, all the information regarding any equipment they’ll be servicing as well as the history of work performed in the past is easily accessed. GPS capability allows you to track locations of your service technicians in real-time back in the office.

Any Checklists (see above) that were assigned to the Work Order will be presented for easy fill-out.

With Voice Recognition, your Service Techs can save substantial time typing by simply speaking into the tablet. The app will translate the voice into text that is then automatically attached to the Work Order.

For each Work Order, they’ll be able to take dozens of pictures on site that will be automatically attached. Notes, pictures and checklist data are all updated in real-time to the central Server so that staff back at the office can review them almost instantly.

Our Mobile app works even without network coverage with easy and reliable On-Demand Synchronization with the server.

You can print or email Work Orders or Invoices directly from the tablet as well as take customer signatures that can be printed along with the document being signed.


Multi-Vehicle multi-Warehouse Inventory control

Many parts are lost or not tracked properly when moved back and forth between your warehouse(s) and service vehicles. Foundation 3000 allows proper monitoring of transfers and other movements, including the optional use of barcode scanning, so that you have full control of your inventory with minimal “missing” items.

Additional Features:


User-defined Specifications

You can also track an unlimited number of user-defined fields specific to the equipment you rent or sell in your industry. For instance: “Belt Size”, “Voltage”, “Color”, etc. These specs can be automatically printed on a Work Order when you are performing repair or maintenance on that piece of equipment, so that your Service Reps are already well-informed about it before they begin work on it.

Powerful Estimating/Quoting

Many of your jobs might be standard service calls with a set fee applied. However, there may also be instances where you need to perform more complex or involved jobs (e.g. Sprinkler system installation). It then becomes more of a necessity to be able to generate detailed estimates as well as be able to compare Actuals to Estimates.

Our powerful estimating system allows Actual vs Estimated cost monitoring during or after a job. This enables you to adjust time and parts expenditures while the job is still in progress before your costs get out of control, as well as help you improve the precision and competitiveness of future quotes and estimates.

Even for a standard service, monitoring actual hours for all your Technicians helps keep the productivity of all your Technicians in check.


Customer Web Portal

With Foundation 3000’s integrated Customer Web Portal, your Customers will be able to log in and look up the status of Work Orders, Equipment, Invoices and a myriad of other valuable information that will make it much easier and convenient for your customers to do business with you rather than your competitors.

Integrated CRM

Today, having a Customer Relationship Management system is becoming more necessary to maintaining a competitive edge. If this is also one of your requirements, Foundation 3000 has a complete Web-based CRM built right in, providing a tremendous advantage over stand-alone CRM systems, simply because all the Customer, Sales and Inventory information so necessary to the effectiveness of a good CRM system, is connected seamlessly.

Complete Accounting Integration including Purchasing, Inventory, Receivables

With powerful built-in Purchasing capabilities, you can enable your Work Orders to easily generate (with the flexibility to override default vendors) Purchase Orders that link back to the Work Orders. This enables you to quickly view and access POs from the Work Orders so that you can see when parts for a given job are coming in, or access Work Orders from Receivings, so that parts can be allocated to the correct jobs when they arrive.

With robust built-in Inventory Management, you don’t have to go back and forth between your Field Service management inventory and your Accounting system inventory – they are one and the same, resulting in much reduced labour and also avoiding the headaches of inconsistency between 2 different systems. With the option of using our barcode processing capabilities, your Inventory will be much more accurate and your efficiency will jump to a new level.

Because Receivables are part of the system, generating Invoices from Work Orders, including scenarios like Progress Billing for large jobs becomes seamless. You are also able to drill down from Invoices to Work Orders and vice-versa, one of the innumerable things you simply cannot do with an add-on Field Service Management system.

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