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CRM Software Solutions

Customer Relationship Management

Are you using a separate contact management system, a separate accounting system and a separate e-mail manager? You need Foundation 3000’s™ Web CRM! You need an all-in-one view of your customer interaction.

In the main system:


See all notes, faxes, emails and customer history in one place, including email campaigns and pipeline management.

Send faxes to customers from within the system.
Create and track email campaigns.
Schedule callbacks and have the system remind you.
Manage “upselling”, where sales staff are prompted to offer an additional product if a related product is purchased.

Turbocharge Your CRM

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A CRM Program That Empowers Your Workforce

Our Web Based CRM System and Salesforce Automation application will empower an increasingly mobile workforce. When your outside sales staff are expected to produce revenue for your company, why not give them the best tools to make them productive? Management may expect sales not only from current customers, but also from new leads. Most CRM systems track customers in a separate system where a lot of double entry is needed in the ERP system. Not so with Foundation 3000™.

Imagine your sales staff going between potential customers and current customers on their daily routes, upselling current customers and securing new business from developing leads, all the while tracking activity in one system – live! That’s the holy grail of CRM! Push your sales staff to acquire new business with new customers and track it all from the management’s perspective no matter where they may be. Use the web for what it was designed for… to untether your sales staff and to empower them with our web-based Foundation CRM. Get CRM and Salesforce Automation in the same application. All that’s needed is a browser. Please check out our Mobile Solutions section for additional features.

Manage your customers all with one software… Foundation 3000™!