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Equipment Rental Software

Manage your rentals with ease.

Foundation 3000â„¢ makes renting your equipment and other items a breeze with a fully integrated system that includes:


Detailed Profitability view for all your Rental Equipment

Get a true picture of the profitability of any piece of equipment over its entire lifetime or any portion of it, from Acquisition Cost, Rental Revenue, Repair Costs, Maintenance Costs, and Depreciation through to Disposal. So instead of guessing at the appropriate rental rate for a piece of equipment, you will be able to tell whether or not you should be raising or lowering the rate, or whether it is even worth renting out at all!


Sell OR Rent Items

One of the biggest challenges with Add-On Rental systems is the fact that often the same equipment you rent out may also be equipment you end up reselling. Converting back and forth between a Sale item and a Rental item is often painstaking. But not with our rental equipment software in Foundation 3000.

Equipment Depreciation no longer requires 2 separate systems

Trying to synchronize the Inventory between your Accounting system and your Rental system can become a nightmare, especially if you want to perform tasks such as depreciating your Rental Equipment. When you have 1 system that does both, it becomes effortless.


Visual Rental Availability

Quickly identify availability of your Rental Equipment with a color-coded Schedule. It also blocks time out on the schedule for Rental items due for Repair or Maintenance (with a different color) so they don’t inadvertently get booked.


Return Reminders

When you schedule an item for future rental, it is critical that Customers currently renting the item from you return it on time. Our Return Reminder system automates the process of emailing reminders out in a timely manner.


Automated Rental Invoice Processing

When you have various items rented out indefinitely starting on different days of the month, but billed out on different cycles (weekly, monthly, etc.) trying to get invoices out accurately and on time is a real headache, as well as fraught with error. With Foundation 3000, with the push of a couple of buttons, what could normally take hours to do can now be done in a matter of seconds with our mass rental invoice generation (email, fax or print) utility.

Rental-Aware Invoice Forms

In addition, the invoices can automatically add detail such as Rental Contract No., Serial Nos., Pickup date and Return date and condition (in the case where items were returned). You can also add Sell items to a Rental Invoice.

Optimize Your Rental Management

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“We have generated thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month using just a couple of tools from Foundation 3000!” Robert Jang

Founder & CEO, All-Pro Services