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ERP Customization

Foundation 3000™ is not a customized software product. However, we recognize that as some companies struggle with very specific business tasks, the need for extra software tools can be a valuable addition to their daily operation.

Whether your system implementation needs minor changes in configuration and setup, or substantial alterations and customization, Softrend will be able to work with your staff to give you the software tools that will make your business more successful.

Softrend Systems Inc. will:

Identify any processes to be customized.


Assist you to plan and engineer the business processes to be created in software.


Design an appropriate front-end interface.


Create custom code and write all procedures.


Test new application for integration that conforms to the business process.


Install and configure new application.


Train your staff and obtain feedback.

We can make your daily operations more efficient with our customization services. Contact us if you have any questions about how we might be able to assist you with this service.

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