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We have clients in many different industries. Here’s what some of our customers say about us:

“We evaluated thirteen different systems and chose Foundation 3000™ from Softrend, because they had the manufacturing, sales and accounting functions all in one solution.” Art Gaber

Engineering Manager, IRT Integrated Rectifier Technologies, Inc.

“I have no regrets for purchasing and implementing Foundation 3000™. I strongly believe that the software and Michael’s team is the very best and still have the personal touch that is very much lacking in the larger software accounting companies.” Michael Tonolli

President, Acme Fire and Safety Co Ltd.

“We went with Softrend Systems Foundation 3000™ software in 2004 because as a distributor, we needed to move away from our old MS Access database system to a more stable and robust solution. Foundation 3000™ brought with it all the wholesale distribution features we needed all in one, easy to use solution. Softrend has offices in both Toronto as well as Vancouver, so we can always get support when we need it – even when we’re in the office early.” Rod Langtry

President, Raider Hansen (formerly Cascade Distributors Ltd.)

“After going through four or five accounting systems, I finally found one I could count on!”

Read the Case Study (PDF) Alexander Milne

President, Add-It Systems Inc.

“Without Foundation 3000™, we couldn’t process orders to our customers quickly enough. If we are not delivering on time and meeting customer needs, we are in trouble. It’s the core of our business. In our world, whatever drives cost savings is top priority.”

Read the Case Study (PDF) Bob Graham

Co-owner, Diamond Ice Ltd.

“With the kind of growth we’ve gone through in the last five years, we’d have been crippled by the use of three separate systems that didn’t talk to each other. Foundation 3000™ has helped us to manage growth at the rate of 30 percent per year in our busy years.”

Read the Case Study (PDF) Andrew Buttjes

President, Mountain Technologies

Press Releases

BEARPAW Footwear Implements Softrend Systems’ Foundation 3000™ Business Operating System

BEARPAW implements new business operating system. BEARPAW boosts efficiency to ensure industry lead.


PRLogApril 25, 2012Citrus Heights, CA —BEARPAW Footwear, a global leader in footwear, has implemented Softrend Systems’ Foundation 3000T™ as its main business operating system. BEARPAW, which was previously operating on a less efficient system, hopes this transition will keep the 11-year old company ahead of the pack with updated processes, while increasing global market share and growth.

After several weeks of analyzing their current system, BEARPAW General Manager and Controller David Young sought to integrate a new business operating system that would foster efficiency and further expand the brand into the 21st century. According to Young, the criteria were simple. Young explains, “I searched for a windows based system that was intuitive to use, requiring little training and could provide total visibility up and down the complete supply chain.”

With over 15 years of experience working with EDI systems, Young adds, “an equally important criteria for the retail world was a very efficient system to move data to and from customers and vendors electronically, meaning a strong EDI solution was required.” Young ultimately found the solution in Softrend’s Foundation 3000T™ BOS, which, he describes, had incomparable intuitiveness and complete EDI integration.
Sandy Milne, Vice President of Marketing at Softrend describes, “BEARPAW Footwear knew that they wanted to stay as far ahead of its competitors as they possibly could.”

BEARPAW’s foresight and overall vision impressed Softrend Systems and the two companies have worked hand-in-hand to create a system with a shared vision that plans to place BEARPAW as a global leader in its field. “Our ERP software and the technical collaboration between the two companies will keep BEARPAW Footwear out in front for many years to come,” says Michael Wong, CTO of Softrend. “With the advent of offshore manufacturing affecting onshore businesses, applications like Foundation 3000™ address mission critical efficiencies for companies like BEARPAW Shoes, who use third-party manufacturers in other parts of the world.” Since the decision in December of last year, BEARPAW has brought up the software as needed and has made many customizations seamlessly while going live. According to Young, the footwear brand is on target to meeting its obligations with its customers moving forward.

About Bearpaw Footwear:
 Tom Romeo founded the BEARPAW brand in 2001 with the intention of redefining casual footwear by creating comfortable, stylish and fashion forward footwear.  BEARPAW has carved out a niche area by providing customers with comfort and sensibility to set itself apart. From slippers to boots to casual footwear, only the finest materials are used to produce BEARPAW Footwear.  By using the highest standards of craftsmanship BEARPAW can deliver the most stylish footwear while ensuring complete comfort.  BEARPAW is based out of Citrus Heights California and is featured in retailers such as Macy’s, Famous Footwear and Lady’s Footlocker. www.bearpawshoes.com


About Softrend Systems: 
Softrend Systems Inc. is a leading provider of unified enterprise management software in Canada, servicing the North American market. Softrend develops and sells accounting, light-ERP, online and mobile software solutions for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and mid-market companies looking to take their business to the next level with sales and business management techniques used by larger firms. Softrend is engaged in “solving business problems with software.” In addition to its business application sales, Softrend often provides clients with customized features tailored to specific business requirements. Its services include software, data migration and conversion, implementation, training and customization. Foundation 3000TM is a Business Operating System (BOS) that successfully competes with world-class products from other brand name companies. www.softrend.com