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Warehouse Management System

Foundation 3000’s Warehouse Management Software is integrated seamlessly with our Order Processing, EDI, Purchasing and Inventory modules to enable maximum efficiency and visibility across all departments, avoiding messy non-real-time interfaces. Some of the valuable features included in Foundation 3000 are listed below:


Dynamic Wave or Gang Picking, Receiving Putaway, Shipping, and Counting using regular Scanner or via Mobile Tablet.


Unlimited Multi-Warehouse capability with global visibility and Transfer processing.


Drop/Direct Shipment handling includes remote (Overseas) generation of ASNs with auto-triggering to eliminate chargebacks due to late or missing Ship Notices.


Direct FedEx & UPS integration (API & World ship) additionally allows Packing by Item Dimensions and automatic ASN transmission.


Delivery Route optimization includes Milk Run planning and Manifest generation.


Warehouse Returns Processing and RMA Tracking. Repack utility allows easy reorganization of Musical/Size Runs and Custom-Packing of Open Items.


UCC-128 label configuration per Customer specifications. Industry standard barcodes including 2D symbology. Generate Labels at Source (Overseas) via Real-time Web-based container management to greatly streamline Local Receiving as well as Direct Shipment processing.


Dynamic real-time scheduling of Picking, Putaways, Order staging, Dock and Container management incorporates Order allocation management by Location and includes SMU (Supply Management Unit) tracking, Bulk Order handling and stock reservation.


Picking by Customer Distribution Center to streamline shipping to Large Multi-DC Customers as well as Split BOL handling for accommodating large Shipments.

Additional Features:

Multiple Count Sheet generation options as well as Cycle Counting to substantially improve Inventory accuracy.
Advanced Inventory Forecasting includes Seasonal identification and Control, Order Point/Line Point/EOQ  management to minimize Stockouts or excessive supply, and Automatic notification of key warehouse events.
Inventory features include Kitting and Assembly handling, Detailed Landed Cost tracking, Lot and Serial tracking with Lot expiry dates, Dead Stock identification and much more.

Streamline Your Warehouse Management Operations

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“We have generated thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month using just a couple of tools from Foundation 3000!” Robert Jang

Founder & CEO, All-Pro Services