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Foundation 3000™ is designed to provide a company with the tools required to grow a company; not just one department. It is an ERP system for the price of a mid-level accounting system. Common accounting software is designed to provide the accounting staff in a company with the tools required to pay the bills, to invoice customers, to manage inventory and in general to service the accounting department.

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Field Service

Foundation 3000 ™ includes Scheduling, Time Tracking, Billing, Jobs and Estimates, Equipment Maintenance, and Rentals modules.

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Wholesale Distribution

Track container shipments, incoming inventory, claimbacks, rebates, and more in one centralized system.

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Footwear & Apparel

Keep your footwear or apparel business’ operations organized with Foundation 3000 ™.

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Fire & Safety

Foundation 3000 ™ helps safety companies optimize their operations.

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