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Footware & Apparel ERP Software

It not only incorporates robust ERP functionalities but integrates EDI, Web-based CRM and fully-featured Warehouse management. By integrating Inventory/Warehouse Management with EDI, CRM, Order Entry, Receivables and Purchasing into ONE system, you will be able to streamline your operations, cut your costs, increase your revenue and ultimately improve your profitability. Here are some of the numerous cost-saving benefits of Foundation 3000:

Powerful built-in EDI functionality including 856 (ASN), 810, 850, 855, 846, 864 and 820 transaction sets. Comes pre-configured to comply with dozens of major retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears, Costco, Wal-Mart, Amazon and many others. We can handle the most stringent and unusual EDI specifications from any Retailer. (e.g. Consolidated Invoicing)
Compliant UCC label generation that is linked seamlessly to our Warehouse Management system enables prompt and consistent ASN (Advance Ship Notices) generation, minimizing if not completely eliminating chargebacks from your Retailers.
Simplifies all the complexities involved with Size (Musical) Runs in both EDI processing and Warehouse Management.
Large Orders can be entered quickly and easily using a user-friendly matrix of Sizes and Colors, or use our Regular Order Entry for smaller orders.

Our Auto-mapper can take complex orders from your Customers and organize them efficiently into Size (Musical) Runs.

Style Generator allows you to generate large batches of new Style Color-Size combinations along with their UPC codes.
Our Catalog generator integrates seamlessly with the Inventory system to make Catalog transmission effortless.
Built-in connectivity to factoring organizations such as CIT saves the enormous time and expense involved in processing Approvals, Payments and Reconciliation.
Complete Inventory Management including Seasonal and Regular Forecasting.

Additional Features:

Our Warehouse Management system includes Picking Optimization as well as barcode scanning and printing and Cycle counting, which will significantly improve the accuracy of your inventory.
Bill of Ladings are easily managed and linked to ASNs. For large shipments, Foundation 3000 can handle split shipments.
Integrated Customer Web Portal allows your Customers to place orders with you 24/7, and can be configured per Customer for Pricing, Selection and Accessibility.
Directly integrates FedEx and UPS shipment processing enables tracking information to be automatically transferred to ASN documents as well as Customer Invoices.
Overseas container shipment tracking allows you to quickly see when shipments are arriving with which Orders so you can plan accordingly. Direct shipments to Customers are easily monitored. For regular Warehouse shipments, links to the original POs are maintained so that upon arrival, stock can be allocated to the correct orders for shipment.
Our new Web based remote Warehouse Shipment utility allows you to generate ASNs directly from your overseas source, accommodating those Retailers that require it.
Our Native Mobile Sales App allows your Sales Reps to enter Orders, look up Inventory or view Customer History from anywhere.
Powerful Landed Cost capability allows you to apply all associated costs of Shipments such as duty, brokerage charges, exchange rates, freight, etc. against the value of incoming goods, distributed by weight, cube, dollar value or units, to derive accurate Landed costs for each item.
Complete and powerful Web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system connects real-time with the Central system to service your current customers as well as SFO (Sales Force Automation) to organize your sales initiatives
and push your sales force to acquire new business.

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