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EDI Software Makes it Easier to Work with Large Retailers

Foundation 3000™ Makes It Seamless & Affordable

Our easy-to-use EDI System interface helps our clients work with major retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, Safeway, and Nordstrom. Foundation 3000™ is proud to be listed as a suggested EDI provider of Nordstrom and offers electronic data interchange compliance with:


No more Double Entry!

Eliminate double entry of Invoices, Purchase Orders and other essential documents. This will greatly reduce labor costs or allow you to reassign precious resources to more valuable tasks.


Compliant Labels & Ship Notices for the Most Demanding Retailers

Foundation 3000™ includes integrated Warehouse Management which directly transmits accurate and timely info for printing-compliant UCC-128 labels and Advance Ship Notices. These can be triggered automatically when it’s time to ship.


Reduced Expensive Retailer Chargebacks

Avoid troublesome and costly chargebacks for late or incorrect notices with unmatched visibility and depth of integration. The ability to drill-down from EDI documents directly into your database allows you to quickly and easily identify discrepancies between you and the retailer.

Want to Be EDI-Compliant?

We can help. Schedule a complimentary demo & learn how easily your company can integrate EDI.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

What is EDI?

EDI software (electronic data interchange software) is a form of true e-commerce that is many years old. It was developed as a form of exchanging business documents, such as Purchase Orders and Invoices, without having to re-key in data.

Are you being asked by some of your larger customers or vendors to be EDI- compliant?

EDI quickly became a feature that only large companies were able to implement because of cost – but not anymore. Foundation 3000™ is a full-service software that includes EDI at no additional cost*. With our software businesses can easily:

Send and receive electronic Purchase Orders and Invoices.
Eliminate the re-entry of faxed or phone orders into Order Entry systems, or similarly, purchases into the Accounts Payable system.
Strengthen your relationship with both customers and suppliers by letting them know you’re EDI compliant.
Save money by reducing Order Entry input time.

* Some setup charges may apply. Additional document formats may be required to be purchased.

“We have been using Foundation 3000 for all our company EDI needs for the last 8 years and we are leaps-and-bounds more efficient than we ever were before. And Softrend’s support is second to none !” Bob Guidi

EDI Administrator, Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd.